Winter Cleaning Tips for Schools

When it comes to schools and learning institutions, maintaining the right environment is key. This entails cleaning buildings on a regular basis, which often necessitates a commercial cleaning staff. However, there are also steps you can take day to day.

Cleaning not only creates a positive environment visually, but it can also decrease the chance of seasonal illness, such as cold and flu. Here are a few things you can do at your school to ensure health and happiness.

Wipe Down Shared Equipment on a Regular Basis

Desks, computer equipment, and other shared items can harbor numerous germs during cold and flu season. When others encounter these objects, be they students or staff members, their risk of falling ill increases exponentially. Using disinfecting wipes on a regular basis is key during the winter months, as they can reduce the rate of illness at your school.

Change HVAC Filters as Required

Germs can also be dispersed throughout school buildings via HVAC systems. Additionally, dust and other allergens can also infiltrate the building when air filters aren’t changed according to schedule. Heating systems often come with an owner’s manuals, which provide information on how often to change filters. However, most filters should be changed every one to three months to ensure optimal air quality.

Know How to Handle Clutter

While clutter won’t necessarily contribute to illness or allergies within your school, it can be quite frustrating to deal with. That’s why you and your staff must have a system for dealing with clutter in all its forms. Organization is key in this respect, as bins and receptacles allow you to deposit school supplies quickly.

There’s a lot you can do to keep your staff and students healthy during the winter time, including contacting Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. For more than seven decades, we’ve provided dependable janitorial services to businesses and institutions throughout Albuquerque. Our team can handle even the most complex jobs and service a wide range of buildings, including learning institutions. Schedule cleaning today by calling (505) 219-2685 or contact us to submit a proposal request.