What We Mean by Trusted Janitorial Services

Every commercial cleaning company will say they deliver trusted janitorial services, but can they really live up to that promise? Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. (MSSI) can and does! When we say we provide trusted janitorial services, we mean:

You can trust us with your keys after hours

Although it is required, many cleaning companies do not comply with Department of Homeland Security E-Verify requirements. And many of those same companies are not running background checks on their prospective hires, either. At MSSI, we invest a lot of time and care in our hiring process to ensure that our cleaning team are reliable individuals to whom you can confidently hand over your keys for after-hours cleaning.

You can trust us for quality cleaning services

The care we invest in our new hires extends to our employees’ training. We ensure that every member of our team knows industry best practices as well as the unique cleaning and security protocols for your site. And we also ensure that those practices and protocols are followed through routine quality assurance checks from immediate supervisors, area managers and account managers.

You can trust fast resolution for your issues

Although you may not always see your MSSI cleaning team, you will always see one of our area managers—at least once a week during business hours. Any issue you report to us about our team or our work will be resolved the very next shift. And if you still have questions or concerns, we make it easy to contact higher levels of management—just call!

You can trust us for more than cleaning services

MSSI can do more than maintain an attractive and hygienic commercial environment. We can help you save money. We offer general maintenance and supply management service to help you get responsive site maintenance and the materials you need at the best price possible.

Of course, you do not have to take our word about our trusted janitorial services. You can ask our clients. Contact us for references. When you’re ready to sign on with the best commercial cleaning company in the greater Albuquerque area, contact us. A member of our sales team will listen to your needs and generate a custom cost proposal.