Training and Supervision to Ensure Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. in Albuquerque delivers a better quality of commercial cleaning service to our clients throughout New Mexico in part because we invest in the training and supervision of our custodial teams.

How Our Custodial Teams Are Trained

Before we ever begin cleaning, Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. starts by building a motivated team by offering competitive wages, benefits and advancement opportunities. Once we’ve got the right people on board, we give them the knowledge and skills they need to deliver superior janitorial services through on-site training, which includes:

  • Basic operations instruction
    Instruction covers basic operations, equipment operations, industry best practices and safety protocols. Depending on site assignments, classroom training may also involve specialized instruction and certification for green cleaning, blood-borne pathogen (BBP) handling and other medical facility cleaning standards.
  • Site-specific training
    Managers take the opportunity to show each team member how best practices translate to your facility. Team members are also trained to follow in-house security procedures and accommodate in-house cleanliness standards.

Every member of your janitorial team is trained on-site by an experienced manager who is also available to answer questions or troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

How Our Custodial Teams are Supervised

Even after extensive training, our custodial teams get the support and oversight they need to consistently provide high-quality cleaning service. Our teams are managed and inspected by:

  • Cleaning/account managers randomly during cleaning hours at least once each week
  • Area managers (quality control officers) during your business hours once each week

Any issue identified during our inspections is immediately resolved; changes to cleaning procedures or personnel are implemented the very next shift.

How to Reach a Member of our Management Team

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is one of very few commercial cleaning contractors that does not operate on a complaint-based system. You always have access to our management team through:

  • Weekly meetings with our area managers to review our quality control report
  • Our 24/7 answering service

You may also contact us to schedule an appointment to meet with the VP of Operations at our Albuquerque, NM corporate office.

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. invests in training and supervision to ensure the best quality of commercial cleaning service. Call us at 505-219-2685.

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