The Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning

A clean workplace boosts productivity, keeps staff happy, and makes the best possible impression on customers and clients. There are also different types of cleaning methods you can choose, and a combined approach is often best for dazzling results.

Most managers and business owners choose a combination of deep and standard cleaning to keep their buildings in great shape. This guide explains the differences between each approach, so you can make an informed decision.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning typically occurs less frequently than standard cleaning. While it depends on the type of business and how many people are in your building each day, most businesses schedule deep cleaning twice or three times a year. Deep cleaning improves the look of your workplace, but also contributes to a healthier environment.

Floor care is a big aspect of deep cleaning, and the type of flooring dictates the cleaning process. Carpeting will be steam-cleaned to remove stains and odors, while tile floors will be scrubbed and waxed. Fabrics and upholstery can also be steam-cleaned, which creates a more pleasant environment. Glass fixtures, including windows and doors, will also be cleaned to improve appearance.

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning practices should take place once per day to keep your business neat and tidy. Wiping down desks and counters, dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping bare floors are all examples of standard cleaning practices that are performed on a regular basis.

In light of the pandemic and in an effort to keep staff and customers healthy, many businesses also include daily sanitation in their standard cleaning processes. Communal areas and high-touch fixtures must be disinfected to prevent germs from traveling around the office. Computer equipment, light switches, doorknobs, copier equipment, phones and other items should be cleaned with a disinfecting agent at least once per day.

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