The Most Important Surfaces in Your Office to Disinfect

Keeping your staff healthy and happy throughout the year ensures a productive workplace. It also reduces the amount of illness spreading around your office during cold and flu season.

Office cleaning is a crucial aspect of reducing illness and keeping workers satisfied. Disinfecting the high touch surfaces listed below greatly reduces the spread of germs for a healthier, happier office environment.

Computer Equipment

Computer equipment like keyboards and mice are often replete with germs. This isn’t surprising considering how much these items are touched throughout the day. When personnel share computer equipment, the risk of passing along germs is even greater. Fortunately, regular disinfecting can have a huge impact on the number of germs fouling up computer equipment.


Similar to computer equipment, phones are also well-known for being a haven for bacteria and viruses. This is especially true when it comes to receivers, which are placed directly next to a person’s mouth when talking. In addition to sanitizing the receiver, the keypads on office phones should also be cleaned regularly.

Break Room Counters

There’s often a myriad of germs in busy office break rooms, some of which can lead to nasty foodborne illnesses. In addition to cleaning all counters and tables in the break room, refrigerators, microwaves, and toaster ovens should be thoroughly cleaned. Kitchen sponges can also become quite dirty over time, so they should be replaced every few weeks.

Door Handles and Knobs

Consider how many people enter and leave your workplace on a daily basis. That’s potentially hundreds of hands touching knobs and door pulls and leaving their germs behind. Light switches should also be sanitized since they’re incredibly high touch.

Copiers and Scanners

Copy equipment may be forgotten when developing your disinfecting plan. However, these areas are just as likely to contain germs as phones and computer equipment. When cleaning copiers, be sure to use safe cleansers to prevent damage to touch screens. You can also consult the manual on what and what not to use to keep the copier functioning.

Working with an experienced cleaning company can also keep your office sanitary. Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. has a reputation for excellence among our Albuquerque customers, and for very good reason. We’ve provided office cleaning and many other great services since 1951. We’re also well-versed in the best practices for making workplaces clean and sanitary.

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