Top 10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Business This Fall

Typically, we think of spring as the season for cleaning, but fall’s just as apropos a time. After all, your office has experienced a windy spring and rainy late summer, bringing all kinds of dirt, debris, pollens and other “ick” into your business environment. To spruce up your commercial building, take some time to perform (or delegate) these tasks:

1. Declutter

Give employees up to 30 minutes to simply go through all the stacks of papers (and napkins, stale cups of coffee, dried up pens, etc.) and get rid of everything they don’t need and find a more permanent home—off the desktop surface—for the papers and office supplies they do need, but not for the immediate task at hand. Removing stagnant items clears physical space and mental space, so this task alone may make everyone in your office feel a little more refreshed.

2. Sanitize your phones

Phones are among some of the germiest fixtures in your business environment. Take some time to thoroughly wipe them down with disinfectant. Make sure to cover both the ear and mouth piece as well as they key pad. While you’re at it, wipe down your personal and work cell phones, too (preferably with an alcohol-free disinfectant solution, especially if you don’t have a screen protector. Refer to your owner’s manual for safe cleaning products).

3. Toss the outdated magazines

If you have a waiting area, update it by getting rid of magazines that are more than two issues behind. Ideally, you should have new browsing material to replace it, but if your subscriptions are expired, then just enjoy a de-cluttered waiting area and consider posting the guest wi-fi password (if you have one) in a conspicuous place. Most of your waiting customers and guests are going to be browsing on their phones anyway.

4. Dust the furniture

High-touch surfaces like reception area countertops are cleaned regularly, but coffee tables in waiting areas or display shelves may not be. Take some time to wipe away the “dust bunnies”, cobwebs and fingerprints to reveal your furniture’s luster.

5. Change the lightbulbs

Brighten up your commercial space by replacing every burnt-out bulb. You may even take the opportunity to change the ambiance by switching all light fixtures to soft lighting or boosting energy efficiency with CFL bulbs.

6. Get fresh flowers (or a lifelike arrangement)

For businesses that receive guests and customers frequently, you can create a more welcoming space simply by adding plant life. A pre-arranged bouquet can last up to a week (if properly watered), and an artificial arrangement will last even longer. If you prefer artificial flowers or plants, consider what’s in season. Common fall arrangements feature mums, asters, pansies and fountain grass.

7. Dust the blinds

Cleaning the blinds can significantly increase the light around your windows. We’re not going to lie, though; this is a big job. You need to thoroughly wipe down each slat and be mindful to do so gently as slats get brittle from UV exposure.

8. Clean out the breakroom fridge and microwave

Although your customers are not likely to see these appliances, their look affects how comfortable employees feel in the common areas where they are supposed to be able to relax. Removing old food containers, unwanted condiments and anything you can’t identify will free up space and help eliminate foul odors. Cleaning the microwave can also help diminish unpleasant odors and remove the “ick factor” when heating up your mid-day meal. Clean food storage and preparation spaces will go a long way in improving the overall feeling of the breakroom, and that can have a significant impact on employee morale.

9. Shampoo upholstered furniture

Looks can be deceiving. Upholstered furniture may look clean, but only because the dirt, dander, pollen, etc. is hidden inside the cushions. Fall is an ideal time to shampoo upholstered furniture to remove contaminants that can be released into the air every time someone sits down. Shampooing can also remove stains, making your furniture look newer and the whole atmosphere better cared for.

10. Deep clean your floors

How often you need your carpets or tile and grout deep cleaned depends on the amount of traffic you get in your commercial space. High-traffic areas may need deep cleaning quarterly. If you are in a commercial space that isn’t frequently visited by more than your core team, fall is a good time to deep clean so that you can get rid of any mold, mildew and other grime that builds up with the increased moisture of mid- to late-summer.

Some office space spruce-ups are easy to DIY and/or set aside time to have your employees do. But some tasks are just too time-consuming or really need professional-grade equipment and cleaners to get the job done right. For help with your fall spruce-up, contact Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. We can tailor your maintenance agreement to include specialized fall cleaning duties.