Office Cleaning Tips for Spring

Spring is here, which means now is the perfect time to tidy up around the home. When it comes to the office, spring cleaning is also encouraged to ensure optimum health and happiness among staff. A neat and tidy office can reduce the chance of illness, improve productivity, and generally create a more positive environment. Here are a few good cleaning steps you can take this spring.

Declutter Workstations

In busy workplaces, it’s too easy to allow clutter to grow on desks and other work areas. That’s why all staff should be encouraged to declutter their areas when spring arrives. For instance, relocating supplies to storage closets can clear up lots of space on desks. Staff can also scan certain documents as opposed to keeping hard copies at their desks, provided that hard copies are not required for legal or administrative purposes.

Sanitize Conference Rooms

Conference rooms usually see a lot of foot traffic during the day. As a result, they can harbor lots of germs and other contaminants. Wiping down tables and phone equipment with sanitizing wipes can remove a vast majority of contaminants, especially when it’s done on a daily basis. This will keep your staff healthy, as well as limit allergens like dust, which can exacerbate symptoms in susceptible people.

Clean Out Break Room Refrigerators

Break room refrigerators can get pretty chaotic over time. It’s also easy to overlook any messes in this area, since so many people will be using the refrigerator to store food during the day. Cleaning and sanitizing the refrigerator makes for a more pleasant environment, but it can also decrease the risk of foodborne illness. You can also maintain the newly cleaned appliance by instituting a rule on how long items can remain in the refrigerator, which will prevent messes from returning.

You should also consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help you maintain a neat and orderly office. In Albuquerque, Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. has assisted local businesses since 1951. We provide a variety of janitorial services, including floor care, window cleaning, restroom sanitation, and more. We also have experience with numerous commercial properties, including offices, hospitals, schools, and many others. Contact us for more information or call (505) 219-2685 to schedule cleaning at your workplace today.