How Often Should a Building’s Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

Does your building have a commercial window cleaning schedule in place? If not, you could be doing it a great disservice.

Don’t underestimate the impact appearance can have on your customers and clients. When windows are neglected, those interacting with your business might assume it’s careless in other aspects. However, when your windows are cleaned on a regular basis, you present the best possible image of your business’s physical location.

Cleaning Schedules for Different Businesses

Before setting up a cleaning schedule, consider the needs of your business. Some commercial spaces have more frequent cleaning needs, as illustrated by the following examples:

  • Offices – Different areas of your office building may have different cleaning needs. For example, lobbies and waiting room windows usually need to be cleaned once a month or so. Other windows, such as those within individual offices, can be cleaned twice per year.


  • Dining Establishments – Grease from a busy kitchen often accumulates on windows, as well as other surfaces in a restaurant. As a result, window cleanings should be scheduled every two weeks or so.


  • Medical Clinics – Proper sanitation is a must at hospitals and other medical facilities. Additionally, the appearance of dirty windows can reduce patient confidence, so cleanings are recommended every month.

Regardless of the type of business you run, cleanings should be scheduled at least once per year. Dirt and dust that settle on windows can cause small scratches to develop and these imperfections may become permanent if cleaning is delayed.

Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Cleaning

Along with developing a regular cleaning schedule, other situations may arise that call for immediate service. If you’re planning an event at your place of business and want your building to look its best, having the windows cleaned will greatly improve its appearance.

Scheduling a cleaning after your busy season can also help clear away fingerprints and smudges left by customer. For example, retail stores are encouraged to have their storefront windows cleaned after the holidays, since it’s likely they had an influx of customers during this time.

We Can Help You Determine the Best Cleaning Schedule

Commercial window cleanings will have a positive impact on your business, but it’s vital that you choose a reliable cleaning company for the best results. Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. offers the benefit of more than 69 years of experience and all staff undergo rigorous training and background checks to ensure your confidence.

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