Window Cleaning Service in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Businesses in the greater Albuquerque area and throughout New Mexico can get professional window cleaning from the same contractor they trust for all their other commercial cleaning needs—Maintenance Service Systems, Inc.

Why Invest in Professional Window Cleaning

Many commercial buildings are designed with large glass panels and/or decorative glass features to enhance natural light and the building’s exterior aesthetic. However, glass can only deliver the quality of light and allure when panes and panels are clean. That’s why you need regular window cleaning.

However, window cleaning is hard work that comes with serious risks. You need professional window cleaning to get the job done well and with minimal liability.

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured cleaning contractor that provides both the professional-grade service and the liability coverage ($8 million-worth) you need.

Professional Window Cleaning Capabilities

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. can handle exterior window cleaning needs for any type of commercial building, including:

  • Single- and multi-story buildings (no maximum elevation)
  • Converted residential properties

Exterior window cleaning service must be done during daylight hours and in fair weather conditions. Interior window cleaning may be done during your facilities’ regularly scheduled cleaning services.

When You Need Window Cleaning

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. customizes janitorial service to meet your needs; window cleaning is no exception. However, simply because of local climactic conditions, window cleaning is typically necessary at least twice each year.

We will make recommendations for window cleaning service at your Albuquerque commercial property after an on-site evaluation. Please contact us to get started!

Call Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. at 505-219-2685 to add professional window cleaning to your commercial cleaning contract.

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