Cleaning Supply Management Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. One way we aim to provide the highest quality professional cleaning services is to offer support services that ensure our team has everything they need to maintain your commercial property. To that end, we provide supply management to procure and deliver cleaning and maintenance materials and consumable products.

The Advantage of Outsourcing Supply Management

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. can help maximize the efficiency of commercial building upkeep through supply management services. When you delegate supply management to us, you get the benefit of:

  • Reduced costs for consumables because you get your cleaning and related materials at a better price as a result of our buying power
  • Just-in-time delivery that ensures you never run out of supplies our team needs to do their job right
  • Reduced storage and inventory control burden because we warehouse bulk products on our site instead of yours
  • Reduced labor burden associated with in-house supply management and inventory control tasks

Supply management from MSSI allows your team to focus on the work that keeps your business running.

Supply Management Capabilities

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. provides customizable supply management service that may include:

  • Establishing an inventory tracking system
  • Ordering cleaning and related supplies
  • Supply delivery
  • Inventory control
  • Bulk supply storage

With more than 67 years in the industry, you can count on us to procure quality janitorial supplies from reliable vendors at competitive prices. We ensure you have the right products to meet your needs, including green cleaning, blood-borne pathogen (BBP) containment and/or medical-grade sanitation.

How Else May We Serve You?

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is a local Albuquerque company with the capability to service businesses throughout New Mexico. We take pride in our ability to tailor our services to enhance the appearance, hygiene and safety of your commercial property.

Contact us to schedule an on-site evaluation by a member of our sales team and start customizing a service package.

Call 505-219-2685 to enhance cost-efficiency of your commercial cleaning services with supply management by Maintenance Service Systems, Inc.

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