Restroom Sanitation Service for Your Albuquerque, New Mexico Business

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive commercial cleaning service that includes proper restroom sanitation for optimal safety, hygiene and comfort of those doing business on your commercial property.

The Importance of Restroom Sanitation Done Right

The importance of proper restroom sanitation cannot be understated. The condition of restrooms in your facility has a significant impact on employee morale and consumer confidence. Think about it—the most private personal business happens in restrooms. When that space is well-maintained, those using the space feel a sense of dignity and respect. As a result, the company that provides that well-kept space is deemed a business worthy of employee and customer loyalty.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is the fact that a well-kept and properly sanitized restroom enhances the hygiene and safety of the property. By reducing the pathogenic load of high-contamination areas, like toilet seats, stall locks, faucet handles and door pulls, restroom sanitation can help minimize the spread of germs that cause a host of health problems.

Our Restroom Sanitation Capabilities

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. delivers the restroom sanitation capabilities and quality you require for your facility. Our janitorial teams are trained on-site at your facility to ensure that we:

  • Follow industry restroom sanitation guidelines applicable to all types of commercial facilities
  • Accommodate in-house restroom sanitation guidelines, which may dictate cleaning procedures, frequency and products

We provide the training necessary to meet special restroom sanitation requirements for medical facilities and schools. We can also provide green cleaning to ensure your restroom sanitation practices and products are environmentally friendly.

One Contractor for All Your Cleaning Needs

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. provides all the professional cleaning services you need to keep your property in top condition inside and out. But we never oversell our services. We customize cleaning contracts to meet the needs of your New Mexico business. Contact us for an on-site evaluation and cost proposal for your commercial facility.

Call Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. at 505-219-2685 for restroom sanitation services that enhance the hygiene and appearance of your commercial facility.

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