Quality Assurance for Commercial Cleaning Services

In the greater Albuquerque area, there are dozens of commercial cleaning companies, all of them promising high quality services. But if you dig a little deeper, you may find that there are no quality assurance procedures backing up those promises.

When it comes to the quality of commercial cleaning services, Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. stands alone. We do the work it takes to ensure consistent, high-quality services.

How We Define Quality

At Maintenance Service Systems, Inc., “quality” is not a word we use lightly. We use “quality” to define services that:

  • Strictly adhere to best practices and standards in the commercial cleaning industry
  • Strictly adhere to standards set by regulating agencies in your industry
  • Achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Quality as we define it looks like a commercial building and grounds that are safe, healthy and fully productive.

How We Maintain High Quality Cleaning Services

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. does everything necessary to ensure the highest quality services.

Build and maintain a top-performing team
High turnover is a problem for most commercial cleaning companies, making it difficult to deliver a consistent level of service quality. Not at MSSI We attract and keep quality-minded individuals on our team by offering competitive wages and benefits packages and providing professional development opportunities.

Provide training and support
MSSI provides instruction and on-site training under the supervision of a cleaning manager to ensure every member of your on-site janitorial team knows and implements best practices.

Conduct multiple levels of quality inspections
Every site is subject to regular inspections by varying levels of management, including:

      • Quality control inspections by an MSSI Area Manager at least once per week
      • Operations inspections by an MSSI Account Manager at least twice per month during cleaning hours
      • Site inspections by Quality Control or General Manager at least once per month

Any issue reported during these inspections is corrected on the very next shift.

MSSI also has an “open door” policy. You are always welcome to visit our corporate headquarters in Albuquerque or request a meeting with your account or area manager, and all clients have 24/7 access to us through our answering service.

When you are ready to choose a company that invests in the people and systems required to deliver top-quality commercial cleaning services, contact us.

With more than 67 years in the industry, Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. has proven its commitment to quality. Call us at 505-219-2685.

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