How to Choose a Cleaning Company

In the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area there are dozens of commercial cleaning contractors. So, how do you choose one that will meet your needs for quality cleaning service and cost-effectiveness?

Rather than just looking at the cost of service, you need to consider a number of factors about the company and how they do business.

Cleaning Company Experience and Credentials

Cleaning companies come and go. The ones that stay are likely to be the ones that have earned a reputation for quality service. Certifications and awards will tell you more about the cleaning company’s capabilities.

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. has been in the business since 1951. We have been recognized by Albuquerque Business First (formerly Albuquerque Business Journal) as one of the best in the city. We also have a number of certifications for specialty services, like green cleaning and medical cleaning.

Cleaning Company Training and Supervision

To make sure that the cleaning company you choose delivers on their promises of quality on your site, you need to make sure that the team assigned to your facility is properly trained and supervised. Unfortunately, most cleaning companies have high turnover and operate on a complaint basis. That means you may suffer inconsistent cleaning quality and only see a manager when a problem arises.

That’s not the case with MSSI because:

  • We pay competitive wages so we can keep skilled people on your janitorial team.
  • Train our technicians on-site under careful supervision of the site manager.
  • Our cleaning managers conduct random quality checks during cleaning hours.
  • Our area managers conduct weekly quality control checks during business hours.

We provide the support our team needs to do the best job for you.

Cleaning Company Customer Experience

Most commercial cleaning happens during off-hours. But to ensure that the quality of service delivered when you’re not there meets your standards when business operations are in full swing, you need a cleaning company that is responsive. Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is always there for you.

Before we even begin as your cleaning company, we perform an on-site evaluation to customize our services to meet your needs. Once signed on as your cleaning company, you have 24/7 access to our management team at our Albuquerque headquarters or via our answering service.

It’s easy to see that Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is the best choice for your commercial cleaning company. To get a quote for customized services for your commercial property, please contact us.

Call 505-219-2685 to make Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. your commercial cleaning company.

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