Is Your Cleaning Company Saving You Time?

Any cleaning commercial company may seem to save you time because they perform the tasks that your team doesn’t have time to do, like clean the bathrooms and empty the trashcans. But basic task performance is not enough. In fact, if not done to standard, it can actually cost you time. To save your time—and by extension, your money—you need top-quality cleaning services.

How Commercial Cleaning May Waste Your Time

If a commercial cleaning company does not provide top-notch service and/or strictly adhere to your cleaning and security protocols, they are actually costing you time and money because:

  • Your employees waste time re-doing work

If a waste bin is left unemptied or a front desk left dusty, your employees have to stop what they are doing to do the work your commercial cleaning company was supposed to do just to get the environment to a state that allows them to focus. Once your employees are trained to know your cleaning company is doing substandard job, they will spend more time looking for tasks left undone or done poorly to spare your company the embarrassment of your existing or potential customers finding it first.

  • Your employees waste time looking for lost or missing items

If trash receptacles are moved or desktop implements rearranged, your employees spend their time hunting them down and putting them back where they belong. While these tasks may only take a few minutes, remember that it’s a few minutes of multiple employees’ time, likely multiple days of any given work week. So, imagine that finding a misplaced recycling bin takes 3 minutes and chasing a roving hole punch another 2—that’s already 5 minutes. Maybe 2 of your workers are involved. That’s 10 minutes. If this happens more days than not, that’s 30 minutes of productive time lost! Now, multiply that times 52 weeks a year by the number of years you’ve had your commercial cleaning company…it adds up.

  • Your employees miss work

The quality of your cleaning company’s work has a direct impact on indoor air quality and the microbial load on all high-touch surfaces. If not cleaned well, your commercial facility may actually contribute to illness, causing your employees to take PTO, which means you pay even when work isn’t getting done. And even if employees “power through” illness, productivity when under the weather is a fraction of that of a well employee.

  • Your management team spends time resolving issues with your cleaning company instead of the work that drives your business

When the poor performance of your cleaning company comes to your attention, your management team has to take time away from their operations-oriented task list to deal with the cleaning company managers to set things right. Unfortunately, some cleaning companies have a reputation for being unresponsive. That means your team is making countless phone calls and, sending multiple emails until they actually hear back…and when they do, it could be hours’-more discussion before a satisfactory resolution is reached.

The bottom line is that your bottom line cannot afford time lost because of poor commercial cleaning service.

How MSSI Saves You Time

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. offers true time-saving commercial cleaning service. We invest a lot of time in hiring and training quality-minded individuals so that our team delivers excellent cleaning service day after day, night after night so that your team can focus on their real jobs.

We offer green cleaning and specialty commercial cleaning services, and our team adapts to your unique needs and protocols. If you ever experience a problem, you can contact us, and we will make it right the very next shift.

Find out how quality commercial cleaning can boost your bottom line. Contact MSSI for comprehensive janitorial services.