How to Sanitize Your Retail Space During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Retail business owners face many challenges when it comes the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s important your store remains open so that you and your staff continue to earn a living, you also have legitimate concerns about health and safety.

Having a plan in place when it comes to cleaning and sanitation is a must, in this case. This guide explains a few best practices for retail store owners so you can protect your workers as well as your customers.

Clean and Sanitize Your Store on a Daily Basis

Cleaning surfaces with soap and water reduces the number of germs that people may come into contact with. That’s why it’s an important first step when it comes to sanitation. Focus on high-touch areas first, including door handles, tables, chairs, check out counters, credit card machines, and other areas. Once these areas have been properly cleaned, the next step is to sanitize the space. Unlike cleaning, sanitizing actually kills germs, bacteria, and viruses. If you use commercial cleaning products, make sure they’re capable of killing coronaviruses. You can also make your own sanitizing products using bleach or 70% alcohol.

Make Cleaning Chemicals Are Used Correctly

Always consult the label when using cleaning chemicals. These instructions should be followed to the letter to ensure the safety of yourself and your staff. Certain chemicals should never be mixed, or they may create toxic fumes. Additionally, many cleaning chemicals have strong odors, so proper ventilation is a must when they’re being used.

Provide Workers with the Proper Protective Gear

People using the chemicals to clean should also protect themselves. Gloves are a must, in this case, as they prevent contact with the skin. Gloves also protect your staff from being contaminated with any germs on the surfaces they’re cleaning. When the area is properly sanitized, gloves and paper towels should be disposed of correctly.

Schedule Professional Cleaning on a Regular Basis

Along with the above tips, scheduling professional cleaning adds another layer of protection to your business. Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. has experience cleaning a variety of businesses, including offices, healthcare clinics, banks, schools, retail spaces, and more. We offer a range of services, including restroom sanitation. And because we’re a family-owned company, you can look forward to optimum customer service. Call 505-219-2685 to discuss your business’s cleaning needs or contact us to learn more.