Risks and Liability Concerns of Cleaning Your Own Business

If you have requested bids or proposals for commercial cleaning services, you might think it’s a better value to just keep the work in-house. But if your bottom line is driving your decision, you may be putting your business at risk for bigger, costlier problems.

Risk: Unverified Technicians

One of the biggest expenses in commercial cleaning is labor. To be more competitive, some companies may hire people “under the table,” eliminating overhead costs associated with employees, like benefits and payroll taxes. Some property owners or managers may be tempted to do the same thing. But it’s illegal, and it puts you on the wrong side of Department of Homeland Security policy.

MSSI eliminates your risk of unverified technicians because we E-Verify every new hire, and we offer competitive pay and benefits to retain qualified and experienced technicians.

Risk: Untrained Technicians

Some commercial companies just don’t invest in training. If you think that commercial cleaning is just about maintaining appearances, then it isn’t really necessary. But that’s not the case.

Commercial cleaning is essential to maintaining a hygienic, safe and cost-effective property. To do that, crews need some specialized knowledge to ensure they:

  • Use the right products
  • Follow industry-regulated and/or customer-determined protocols
  • Properly care for different surface types to prevent damage
  • Use proper signage and precautions to minimize injury risk to themselves or property patrons

Having untrained technicians “puts you at greater risk for worker’s compensation and premises liability claims.

Risk: Non-Compliance

Many businesses have industry standards and regulations that must be followed to stay in compliance and open for business. A poorly or improperly trained cleaning staff are unlikely to know the protocols they need to follow and standards they need to maintain. That means the next time the health or securities inspector pays a visit, you could be shut down until all violations have been rectified.

Risk: The Cost of Correction

And that brings us to our final point—doing commercial cleaning on your own may seem like it will save you a lot of money, but if cleaning is not done properly, then you increase your risk for serious profit loss because you will:

  • Lose revenue as a result of business operations being shut down
  • Lose revenue because of a damaged reputation
  • Pay twice for the same services (the first time by cheap, untrained labor, the second by a professional commercial cleaner)

No business can afford the cost of “DIY” commercial cleaning. For superior quality services that minimize or eliminate many liability issues, contact Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. in Albuquerque.