Common Restaurant Cleaning Mistakes

What makes a restaurant a success? Using fresh ingredients in menu items is obviously important, as is creating the appropriate atmosphere so diners feel at ease visiting your establishment. Proper cleaning and sanitation are also essential, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why restaurant owners should take the right steps to avoid the following cleaning mistakes, which are unfortunately common at many eateries.

Not Cleaning All Table Items

Condiment containers, vases, receptacles for napkins and utensils; these are all commonplace items on restaurant tables. Customers come into contact with items every time they’re seated at your establishment, which means they must be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning table items also ensures a neat, sanitary appearance, as they’re likely to accumulate dust and food debris over time without the proper attention. Menus should also be wiped down on a daily basis since they’re handled by multiple people during each shift.

Cleaning the Restaurant at the Wrong Times

Extensive cleaning, like mopping floors and sanitizing tables, should be completed between shifts or at night when the restaurant has closed for the evening. Doing it while customers are present creates an uncomfortable situation and can also detract from the experience. Of course, accidental spills and restroom issues should be addressed immediately, regardless if there are customers in the area. This shows your staff are diligent about creating a quality atmosphere and experience for diners.

Not Having a Comprehensive Checklist

There are so many areas in a restaurant in need of cleaning that it’s easy to overlook the less obvious places. Developing a comprehensive cleaning checklist that details daily, weekly, and monthly chores provides clear instruction to your staff and prevents any areas from being missed. You can also assign different chores to different team members to ensure the work is evenly distributed. Post the checklist somewhere highly visible so workers understand their responsibilities each shift.

Neglecting the Ice Machine

Much like other items in your dining establishment, ice machines can also become soiled over time. Ice machines can also be subject to mold growth depending on the conditions, which is a serious health concern for diners. Cleaning your ice machine at least once every six months is recommended to prevent mold growth and ensure your customer’s drinks are as cool and refreshing as possible.

We’ll Help Keep Your Restaurant Looking Amazing

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