Why the Quality of Professional Cleaning Matters to Your Medical Facility

Quality commercial cleaning is important for any type of business, but when it comes to medical facilities, cleaning is about more than keeping up appearances.

The quality of professional cleaning services directly affects the quality of the care provided and the safety of the environment for employees and patients at the facility.

Medical Facility Cleaning: What’s Affected

What happens in medical facilities affects individual and public health, so it makes sense that these facilities must maintain compliance with strict cleanliness standards.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have established cleaning standards at the national level to minimize and prevent the spread of infection. Here’s how commercial cleaning is involved:

Pathway to Infection
Cleaning Prevention
  • HVAC maintenance, which may entail duct and vent cleaning, specialized filters and purifiers or other measures to ensure indoor air quality
  • Use of green cleaning products to minimize airway-irritating fumes
  • Policies and procedures in place to prevent and/or immediately address water leaks, spills, floods, etc.
Surface Contact
  • Use of proper disinfectants and sanitizers at sufficient intervals to reduce pathogen load on non-sterile surfaces
  • Routine terminal cleaning for rooms used for sterile procedures
Bodily Fluid Contact
  • Proper technician training and certification for bloodborne pathogen (BBP) handling
  • Adherence to protocols for BBP handling and biohazardous waste transport

Medical Cleaning: What’s at Stake

The stakes for failing to maintain these cleaning standards (and those set by state and local public health agencies) are high. If your professional cleaning company does not provide quality cleaning, then:

  • Your medical facility is out of compliance
    Medical facilities are subject to routine and surprise inspection by regulator agencies. If your medical facility is not being properly cleaned, then you may be out of compliance. Depending on the severity of the compliance issue, your medical facility may have to close down completely until the issue is resolved.

    • Downtime costs money.
    • Emergency maintenance and cleaning services cost money.
    • Non-compliance may cost you contracts with larger medical institutions.
    • Employees suffer lost wages.
    • Being out of compliance is expensive. For some privately owned/operated facilities, these costs could be disastrous to your budget.

  • You put patients’ and employees’ safety at risk
    The purpose of cleaning standards is to prevent infection. If your cleaning company is not adhering to standards, then the risk for infection through air, water and surface contact is higher for patients and employees. That presents ethical and financial consequences because:

    • Your medical facility is subject to the foundational principle of medical care—first do no harm
    • Your medical facility may be found liable for damages if patients’ and/or employees’ illness or injury is proven to result from inadequate cleaning or facility maintenance

    The costs of poor-quality cleaning are too high to ever compromise on quality professional cleaning services for your medical facility.

How MSSI Ensures Quality Medical Facility Cleaning

When you choose Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. (MSSI) for your commercial cleaning company, you choose the quality cleaning services that ensure regulatory compliance and patient and employee safety.

MSSI ensures proper medical facility cleaning by:

  • Assigning only BBP-certified technicians to your cleaning crew
  • Using green cleaning products
  • Adhering to a cleaning schedule and protocols that ensure sanitation and disinfection
  • Performing routine and random quality control checks

Our managers are also easy to reach, so in the event that cleaning standards change or any issue arises, you get a quick response and swift resolution.

If you want the best medical facility cleaning services available, contact MSSI today.