Should Your Office Be Pet-Friendly?

It’s no secret that the office environment can be quite stressful. That’s why office workers are constantly on the look out for ways to decompress during the workday. Some achieve a more relaxed state with essential oils, while others listen to soothing music.

Others still advocate for bringing their beloved pets into the workplace. While this may seem outlandish, quite a few offices have adopted pet-friendly policies, often with positive results. However, if you want a pet-friendly office, you must also take the right steps to keep your workplace clean and sanitary for all.

Worker Considerations When Bringing a Pet to the Office

The disposition of your pet should be the first concern. It’s recommended that only pets who are appropriately house-trained and obedient should be brought to work with you. While you may love your pet like family and are capable of overlooking behavioral issues, other people will not be as gracious.

Additionally, your pet must be up to date on all of her vaccinations before she can tag along with you to work. Vaccinations protect your pet as well as you co-workers, so schedule an appointment with your vet if you’re unsure of your animal’s vaccination status. Remember, as your pet, it’s your full responsibility to ensure he or she doesn’t cause issues at work. When messes are made, it’s also your responsibility to address them ASAP.

What Management Can Do

While pet owners are largely responsible for the upkeep of their pets at work, management should also take a proactive approach in the new pet-friendly environment. Even well-behaved pets will cause additional wear and tear at your facility. Messes when eating and drinking, potty accidents, and scuffed floors are all major concerns when animals are in the office with you.

A professional office cleaning service will keep your space looking spotless no matter what. They can also help deal with the sanitary issue posed by pets in the workplace and ensure your office smells clean and fresh all day long. By taking the right steps, office management will rest assured that pet owners and others are extremely satisfied with pet-friendly policies.

We Keep Pet-Friendly Offices in Great Shape

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is capable of addressing even the toughest stains at your Albuquerque office, including those caused by four-legged friends. We’ll sanitize your workspace and make sure it looks great for clients and associates. Find out more about scheduling service by calling 505-219-2685 today.