What Are Some Overlooked Areas When It Comes to Office Cleaning?

Office cleaning ensures your workplace is clean and sanitary for staff and others. However, lots of areas can get overlooked, which means you won’t experience the same great results that come with professional service.

A reliable cleaning company will cover all areas of your office thoroughly, but it also helps when office managers know which areas are typically neglected. Here are a few points to consider.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can harbor lots of dust and are usually located in hard-to-reach areas. As a result, they’re not always given the attention they need. Regularly dusting light fixtures increases the visual appeal of an office, but it can also reduce allergy symptoms like sneezing and coughing.

Under Desks

The area under staff desks is often overlooked when it comes to office cleaning. This area can become particularly dirty due to tracked-in dirt, food debris, and dust. That’s why vacuuming under desks should be part of an office cleaning process, along with other forms of floor care.

Air Vents

Dusty air vents are especially bothersome when it comes to your place of work. When heating and cooling equipment is used throughout the year, dust inside air vents will get blown around and create an unpleasant environment. While vacuuming the exterior of the vent is beneficial, the tops of vents should also be removed to clean inside.


No matter what type of curtains you have in your workplace, they must be cleaned regularly. With cloth curtains, they can usually be washed with laundry equipment. As for vinyl drapes and blinds, they should be dusted and wiped down to remove dust and stains.

Office Cleaning You Can Trust

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