Office Organization Tips for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions are typically aimed at self-improvement. Perhaps you want to eat better or exercise more. Or maybe you want to develop your communications skills or pick up a new hobby.

Developing resolutions for your place of work is also beneficial. Many offices suffer from a lack of organization, which can decrease productivity and frustrate staff. Here are a few simple steps you can take get office clutter under control.

  1. Work on One Area at a Time

Re-organizing the entire office in one go is a daunting proposition. Instead, focus efforts one specific areas before moving onto the next. Copy room tables/desks often become quite disorderly over time, which makes it hard to find the proper supplies. Start there and move to different areas each day to slowly – but surely – get office clutter under control.

  1. Develop a Labeling System

Finding items that are tucked away can be challenging. Label the outsides of containers, file drawers, and boxes so you know the contents of each without opening them. Make labels as specific as possible for your convenience.

  1. Clear Out Clutter

Time is a great indicator of the usefulness of an item. Anything you haven’t used in six months or longer probably isn’t that important to your workday. While you don’t necessarily need to discard these supplies, you can probably store them away without much inconvenience. You can even designate an area in a storage or supply closet for items used less often.

  1. Leave Frequently Used Items Where You Can See Them

Who are the stars of your office supplies, meaning the items you use on a near daily basis? Make sure these items are in plain view at all times. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to store away your stapler if you need it several times a day. Design work zones on your desk to keep frequently used items organized.

  1. Shred Documents You Don’t Need

Important documents, like legal and tax papers or invoices, should be filed away immediately for safe keeping. Other documents can be shred once you don’t need them anymore, such as certain types of correspondence. If you’re concerned about shredding something important, label documents with a “safe-to-shred” date.

  1. Be Reasonable About Your Efforts

It might take some time for your organization attempts to really take hold. Don’t get discouraged if your office isn’t an organizational masterpiece right away. Just keep plugging away at the process and soon you’ll find a tidy, organized, and efficient office awaits you.

Cleanliness is just as important as organization at the office. When your office is clean and sanitary, there’s a lower risk of illness, which makes for a healthier staff. That’s our goal at Maintenance Service Systems, Inc.: to help our clients enjoy a clean, healthy place of work.

Since 1951 we’ve helped businesses all over New Mexico keep their workplaces clean. In addition to services like janitorial assistance and restroom sanitation, we also provide office cleaning to keep your workers satisfied and your workplace free of germs and viruses. Contact us for more information on our services and what we do. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please call 505-219-2685 today.