How to Keep Classrooms Clean and Sanitized

With so many children returning back to school over the last few weeks, parents are rightly concerned for their health and safety. Schools have a great responsibility in front of them when it comes to proper cleaning and sanitation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with enforcing mask wearing and social distancing rules, schools must also take the proper steps to keep classrooms clean and students healthy. Here are a few things school officials can do to prevent the transmission.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfection

There is an important distinction between cleaning and disinfection, and understanding this distinction is crucial to maintaining a sanitary environment. Cleaning involves using soap and water to remove visible dirt and grime from surfaces. While this step doesn’t kill all germs on surfaces, it does ensure your sanitation efforts are more effective.

When it comes to disinfection, certain cleaning agents must be used to effectively kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. This includes cleaning solutions that list they’re effective against SARs-CoV-2 on the label. When using these cleaning products, be sure to follow the instructions on the label to ensure they’re most effective.

If no such cleaning products are available, you can make your own disinfecting solutions using bleach or alcohol. With bleach, add 1/3 cup for every gallon of water. When using alcohol, make sure it says 70% on the label.

Areas That Should Cleaned and Disinfected on a Regular Basis

High-touch areas within the school should be the focus of your cleaning and sanitizing efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, countertops, light switches, doorknobs, railings, desks, chairs, computer equipment, and bus seats. With younger kids, any toys or supplies that are shared should also be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

Protective equipment should also be cleaned. Cloth masks should be washed every day, while disposable masks should be discarded after every use. If face shields are worn, they should be wiped down on both sides before reusing. Gloves should be worn, and discarded, after every cleaning session.

Where to Find Help for Cleaning and Sanitation

Professional cleaning and sanitation are recommended during this challenging time, especially within school settings. Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. has served the Albuquerque area since 1951, and we continue to help schools, businesses, and other clients.

We understand what it takes to create a clean, safe environment. Our cleaning professionals also take the proper steps to protect themselves, which ensures your staff remain healthy. Learn more about our cleaning services, or call  505-219-2685 to discuss your cleaning needs with a representative today.