How Often Should You Invest in Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

One question our Albuquerque commercial cleaning company gets often is, How often should you really invest in commercial carpet cleaning? Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer. How often you should have your facility’s carpets cleaned depends on a number of factors, including the amount of foot traffic you get, your environment, the type of carpet you have and the nature of business you’re in. Taking those factors into account, here are some tips you can use to determine the best frequency for cleaning your commercial carpets.

Foot Traffic

How much foot traffic your facility gets will greatly influence the frequency with which you need to have your carpets cleaned. For reference, carpet in an office building that sees 1,000 people coming and going each day collects up to 24 pounds of dirt in a 20-day work period. If your numbers are more of less the same, you would want to have your carpets cleaned on a monthly or even bimonthly basis.


Elements from the outdoors are bound to make their way indoors and into your carpet fibers. If your employees and customers regularly track in salt from sidewalks and parking lots, residual oils from vehicles, fine dirt or sand or landscaping chemicals, you should schedule deep cleanings every four to six months.

Carpet Style and Color

Carpet style and color also plays a role in the frequency with which you should schedule professional carpet cleanings. For instance, lighter colored carpets with higher nap should be cleaned more often, while darker carpets with low nap can go longer between cleanings.

Nature of Your Business

Though appearance is important, the real reason you should have your carpets professionally cleaned is health. Carpet fibers can hold onto a lot of germs, bacteria and even fungus, all of which can negatively impact the health and wellbeing of your employees, customers and yourself. Below are guidelines for carpet cleaning frequency based on the nature of your business:

  • Restaurants and Bars – Quarterly
  • Nursing Homes and Medical Facilities – Refer state and industry regulations
  • Office Buildings – Every six months
  • Retail Stores – Three to six months
  • Schools – Every six months

Bearing all that in mind, you should use your best judgement when it comes to scheduling professional carpet cleanings in Albuquerque. If your carpet looks dirty or smells musty, if you receive a good deal of foot traffic on any given day, or if the weather has been particularly bad lately, you may want to schedule a cleaning sooner rather than later. Contact MMSI for information regarding our rates and services today.