Common Mistakes Businesses Make when Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

You know how critical clean floors are to your business’ success, so you know you need to find a cleaning company to take care of them. But beware! Not all cleaning companies are the same. If you choose the wrong company, you may end up with a mess far beyond something as simple to deal with as dirty floors.

Staying away from the following mistakes can save you time, money and a lot of hassle:

Going for a Bargain

When it comes to office cleaning companies, the adage is true: you get what you pay for. Of course, you need to find service within your budget, but going with the cheapest company could end up costing you more. Cheap cleaning almost always comes at the price of quality. Companies willing to clean your floors as cheaply as possible will cut corners, use the wrong products (which may damage you floors or create compliance issues with regulatory agencies) or just plain do a poor job.

Failing to Check Credentials

You make sure your business has the proper licenses and credentials because they tell potential customers that your business is legitimate and will do the job properly. The same should be true for any office cleaning company you hire. Make sure the company has the relevant:

  • Credentials
  • Licensures
  • Surety bonding
  • Liability insurance

Any company that fails to have these ready and available to show you isn’t the best choice to keep your office space in top shape. And a company without liability insurance can leave you in the hole for thousands of dollars if something goes wrong.

Failing to Look for a Specialist

Every company has a niche, cleaning companies included. Some companies specialize in home cleaning while others commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies may further specialize in hotel flooring, restaurant flooring, industrial flooring, etc. Finding the cleaning company that specializes in the type of flooring you need will help ensure they can maintain your floors to your industry standard.

Failing to Hold a Face-to-Face Walkthrough

A face-to-face walkthrough with a possible office cleaning company gives you the opportunity to learn things about their business that they can’t or won’t tell you. For instance:

  • Are they uniformed? Do they look professional?
  • Do they seem knowledgeable about the surfaces they going to clean?
  • Are they taking notes and asking questions?

Go with your instincts; if someone doesn’t feel right, they probably won’t be the company for you.

Failing to Ask Questions

Asking questions can help ensure you hire the right cleaning service for your business, and questions you absolutely should ask include:

  • What are their hiring requirements for technicians?
  • What type of training do they provide?
  • What references can they provide?
  • How do they ensure their cleaning procedures follow regulated protocols and meet your standards?
  • What kinds of products do they use? Can they offer green cleaning?

Don’t settle. Find a cleaning company that offers the answers you need.

Clean Your Buildings with Confidence

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