How We Can Help You Fight Winter Germs

We are right in the middle of cold and flu season, but that doesn’t keep those infected from going to work, running their errands, etc. That means many commercial buildings are very germy places where you could easily pick up bacteria and viruses that make you sick. But yours doesn’t have to be an unhealthy commercial facility. Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. (MSSI) provides the professional cleaning you need to effectively reduce germ loads around your property to reduce employee absenteeism and customer illness.

Essential Cleaning Services for Cold and Flu Season

MSSI provides the sanitation, not just surface cleaning. And the difference means:

We use the right products

We use cleaning products that are formulated to actually kill germs, not just push them around. Even if you opt for green cleaning, we have products that eliminate many types of common pathogens without posing a risk to the environment.

We follow the right protocols

To achieve a deep clean and proper sanitation, the order with which surfaces are cleaned matters…so does the disposal of cleaning and waste products. MSSI technicians are trained to sanitize and clean your commercial facility the right way. And our quality control checks by account managers ensure those protocols are followed.

We also help focus on the surfaces that have the most impact on your employees’ and customers’ health—restrooms, high-touch surfaces and floors.

Responsive Cleaning Services for Cold and Flu Season

MSSI is a responsive commercial cleaning company. If you do not have a commercial cleaner or are unhappy with your current service provider, please contact us. Our sales representatives can be on-site quickly and develop a customized quote with the services you need.

We are proactive about helping you fight germs at your facility. So, if you are an existing client, you may have already been contacted by your account manager with recommendations for seasonal adjustments to your maintenance contract.