How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy

Many people work eight or more hours each day, which means the office becomes sort of a second home. A healthy work environment is key in this respect, both for staff and the employer. When workers aren’t happy, output suffers, and an employer is more likely to lose members of their team.

While conditions vary from workplace to workplace, here are a few effective strategies for increasing happiness among your team.

Encourage a Good Work/Life Balance

Businesses definitely require a lot of hard work to thrive. However, business success can’t come at the expense of your employees’ happiness. Staff should be able to decompress when off the clock without worrying about fielding requests from work. This includes lunch breaks as well as evenings, when workers want to spend time with their loved ones. By respecting your staff’s free time, you’ll have access to happier, more engaged workers.

Create an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Inclusivity is talked about a lot these days, and for very good reason. Making all people feel safe and comfortable at work is just the right thing to do, but it also reduces conflict and creates stronger bonds between your staff. When issues arise, management should be instrumental in intervening and developing a reasonable solution that works for all involved.

Provide Plenty of Praise

Some employers are so wrapped up in succeeding they only focus on the negative. This can lead to disgruntled staff members since their hard work will be overlooked while their mistakes are consistently pointed out. Employers should shift focus to the good their staff achieves, and provide constructive criticism if errors are made. Even occasionally thanking staff for their efforts can have a great impact on morale.

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