A Guide to Decluttering Your Office

Professional cleaning is recommended for office spaces, as it keeps your workplace neat, orderly, and free of harmful germs. However, decluttering is just as crucial when it comes to the health and happiness of your workers.

By decluttering your office, you can boost morale and productivity in one fell swoop. Here are a few things you and your team can do to enhance the organization of your office.

Create Categories for Different Items

The first step to decluttering is discarding. In order to make the process a little easier, create separate categories for unwanted items. Along with items you’d like to keep, create categories for items you’d like to discard and items you’d like to donate. In general, any items that are in good condition, but not necessary to your workplace, can be donated to a worthy cause. Items that are in bad shape should be thrown away.

Move to Digital Document Storage

While you may need to retain some hard copies of important documents, there are many that can be kept digitally to reduce space in your file cabinets. Items can be scanned to specific devices and servers for on-site access. They can also be kept on cloud servers to ensure easy access from any location with an internet connection. Once you’ve scanned all the pertinent hard copies, shred them to keep sensitive information secure.

Encourage Staff to Keep Desks Clean

A messy desk can also add to disorganization and decrease productivity. If your team needs assistance, make sure they have personal storage at their desks for pens, post-its, and other items. You can also establish a supply closet for excess supplies. Additionally, encourage your staff to take a few minutes at the start or end of each day to tidy up their spaces. Not only will it improve work, but it will also impress any clients or visitors to your office.

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