4 Ways Dirty Floors May Be Hurting Your Business

You keep your floor stocked, displays and desks neat, signage looking new. You train your employees well and make sure your business cards look professional. But there’s something you may be missing that could hurt your reputation, your customers and your sales—dirty floors.

Your business’ dirty floors can hurt your bottom line in four ways:

4. Dirty Floors Hurt the Lifespan of Your Flooring

Whether hardwood or carpet, dirt can shorten the lifespan of your floors. When floors aren’t cleaned properly, dirt and other accumulated contaminants cause visible damage, like staining and discoloration. Because some dirt and debris dragged across your floors may contain corrosive chemicals, the “dirt” may actually damage the structure of the flooring material

This type of damage is serious and expensive to repair. If left long enough, repair may not be possible, and you’ll have to pay to have your floors replaced.

3. Dirty Floors Hurt Your Image

Have you been told that if a restaurant has a dirty bathroom, and you should think twice about eating there because their kitchen is probably dirty, too? Customers feel the same way about dirty floors in the businesses they visit. A dirty floor can hurt your customers’ confidence in your ability to provide for their needs. Potential customers may assume the state of your floors reflects on the quality of your products…and if your products aren’t worth the money, they’ll take theirs to your competitor.

Dirty floors can also affect how favorably (or unfavorably) potential business partners look on your business as an investment.

2. Dirty Floors Make Customers Sick

According to a study out of the University of Arizona, bacteria thrive more easily on the soles of shoes than on toilets. The study found that 440,000 units of bacteria can attach themselves to shoes in two weeks. Those bacteria are dragged from floor to floor, and that cross-contamination leads to illnesses. Another study done by researchers from the University of Houston found that a quarter of shoes from 2,500 samples tested positive for “bugs” that can cause gastric issues, including stomach cramps and diarrhea.

In short, dirty flooring can lead to sick customers and sick employees, which leads to low productivity and less revenue.

1. Dirty Floors Drive Customers Away

Dirty floors can drive customers away. Whether it’s just for the “ick” factor or because dirty floors make customer question your commitment to quality, the bottom line is the same—less sales, less profit.

Don’t Let Dirty Flooring Get You Down

There is no reason to let dirty flooring hurt your business when the cleaning professionals from Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. are available. We have provided professional cleaning services for Albuquerque businesses for 67 years. We are committed to quality and your satisfaction. Contact us today for a free site evaluation and cost proposal.