The 3 Most Difficult Carpet Stains (and How to Remove Them)

You’ve invested a lot in furnishing your commercial space to create an inviting and confidence-building atmosphere. Carpet stains detract from that atmosphere, so of course, you want to prevent them. But accidents happen.

If you cannot afford responsive commercial cleaning service, then you will need to do the work to keep accidents from permanently staining your carpets and making a poor impression on those who visit your facility. The professionals at Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. offer the following advice to treat the three most difficult carpet stains:

Act Fast!

No matter the stain or what caused it, the most important first step is to act quickly! Begin treating the stain immediately. The longer a stain stays on your carpet, the harder it will be to remove.

So what immediate actions should you take to remove difficult stains? That all depends on the type of stain…

For Red Wine Stains

If you host a networking event or party at your facility where wine is served, there’s almost inevitably going to be a spill. To treat the stain:

  • Begin by covering the stain with plain table salt. You should see the salt begin to turn pink as it absorbs the liquid.
  • Remove the salt with a hand-held broom or damp cloth. Then treat the area with hydrogen peroxide to help lift the stain from the fibers.
  • Allow the hydrogen peroxide to saturate the stain for a few minutes. Then spray the area with a combination of water and enzymatic detergent to clean the remaining stain.

If you see red wine after the first round of treatment, reapply the water-detergent solution.

For Blood Stains

Before treating any blood stains, make sure you have the right protective gear—latex or nitrile gloves and safety goggles. Once you are properly equipped, liberally apply hydrogen peroxide to the blood-stained area.

Blood contains the enzyme catalase. Hydrogen peroxide reacts with/breaks down the catalase, making it easy for you to blot the stain away.

For Ink Stains

Ink stains may result from toner spills, cartridge leaks or pen breaks. All of these spills can be treated by:

  • Spraying the affected area with hair spray (yes, hair spray!) until saturated
  • Letting the hair spray soak into the stain for several, then blotting with a clean cloth

Repeat the process until the stain is gone, then follow with an enzyme detergent.

If you are unable to act quickly enough to remove stains, you still do not have to live with the permanent reminder of a mishap. MSSI has the right tools, products and expertise at-hand. We’re in the business of removing your business’ carpet stains. Contact us today for an estimate for stain removal and deep carpet cleaning for your commercial facility.