COVID-19 and Cleaning: How the Industry Has Been Changed by the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people all over the world. It’s also had a direct impact on businesses, particularly those within the cleaning industry. These services are more important than ever, so cleaning companies are working hard to adjust to changes and to provide reliable services to their customers. Here are a few changes and how businesses are adapting.

Greater Emphasis on Disinfection

In the past, cleaning services where primarily focused on improving the look of a workplace. Dusting, window cleaning, and floor care created greater visual appeal and reassured clients, customers, and business associates. Those services are definitely still important, but most businesses these days are chiefly concerned with disinfection. Cleaning companies are well-versed in the best practices, which helps eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria at your place of work.

More Challenges When It Comes to Supplies

Supply chain issues have affected numerous businesses, but commercial cleaning companies have really felt the strain. Cleaning products are in high demand these days, so many companies struggle with accessing the items they need to provide top-quality services. The solution is to ensure there is a healthy stockpile of products, which prevents disruptions and delays.

Improved Recognition and Respect

Janitorial staff have always played important roles in offices, health care clinics, and other businesses. However, clients now have a newfound respect for this profession, as cleaners help decrease the risk of illness and keep others safe by performing their services. They also put themselves at risk in terms of germ exposure, but responsible companies ensure their staff have all the proper protective gear to keep themselves safe.

Here at Maintenance Service Systems, Inc., we’re so proud of our 71-year legacy in the cleaning industry. While current times are challenging, we take great pride in serving businesses throughout Albuquerque to the best of our ability. We use proven practices when it comes to sanitation and disinfection, and our team of cleaners always conducts themselves professionally.

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