The Hidden Cost-Saving Benefits of Clean Floors

Clean floors are essential for any business, but do you know why? Clean floors can help you cut costs and minimize business losses in ways you didn’t expect. Maintenance Service Systems, Inc., Albuquerque’s longest-standing commercial cleaning company, helps you understand the hidden cost-saving benefits of clean floors.

  1. Clean floors minimize liability risks
    Accidents happen, and when they happen at your commercial facility, they can be expensive. You may be responsible for covering the cost of the medical care and related expenses of someone who slips and falls. Obviously, you want to prevent these types of accidents. Clean floors help you do that!

    Routine floor cleaning removes dust and other impediments that may reduce traction and/or increase the likelihood of slipping. Proper signage during floor cleaning and/or cleaning after business hours also minimizes injury risk when floors are wet.

  2. Clean floors help you avoid untimely repair and replacement expense
    Nothing lasts forever, but flooring can provide a long useful life if well cared for. When you routinely remove dirt and debris, you prevent your flooring from being marred, scratched and/or bonding material from becoming loose, which allows tiles to shift and break and laminate to peel (types of damage that increase trip and fall risks). So, flooring that lasts spares you repair and replacement costs.

    Plus, when you invest in regular floor cleaning, you deal with stains in a timely manner, and that helps prevent staining from damaging padding or subflooring.

  3. Clean floors quietly promote your business
    The appearance of your business can be nearly as important as the level of service you provide when it comes to turning potential customers into loyal clients. So, although clean floors cannot provide marketing services for your business, well-maintained floors do show your customers that your business cares about its reputation and its ability to tend to details…and that builds customers’ confidence in your business.

  4. Clean floors contribute to maximum employee productivity
    Dirty floors harbor pathogens—dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria—that can make you and your employees sick. Employees who do not feel their best cannot work to their potential; sick employees mean extra cost if they have to miss work. Clean floors contribute to an overall healthier environment, which helps employees stay healthy and performing at their best.

If you’re interested in reaping the cost-saving benefits of clean floors for your business, contact Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. today. We provide free quotes for customized commercial cleaning contracts that meet your business’ unique needs.