Why Commercial Restroom Sanitation Is So Important

Because restrooms constitute a small percentage of the actual commercial space and time spent in them constitutes a small percentage of the workday, it’s easy to discount the importance of how they look. But there are few places in your commercial facility that can so heavily impact the health of your employees, customers and guests or make such a lasting impression. Keeping restrooms clean and sanitized is vital to your business’ reputation and workplace hygiene.

Restroom Sanitation and Human Health

Restrooms are full of high-touch surfaces—door pulls, flush handles, faucets, towel dispensers, etc. That alone makes restrooms breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that can cause illness. In addition to the space where microbes may collect, the nature of what happens in restrooms increases the volume and types of bacteria, viruses, etc. that may be spread on contact.

Restrooms that are not properly sanitized contribute to the spread of disease, and even mild illness can negatively affect employee productivity and cause an increase in absenteeism.

Restroom Sanitation and Customer Impressions

Many customers may never see your restrooms, but those who do care about their appearance and cleanliness. Restrooms are a “behind the scenes” area for a business. If it’s out of order, that incites doubt in customers’ minds; they wonder what other “behind the scenes” issues are as poorly tended to…will their business be one of them?

That may sound dramatic, in part because customers are not always fully aware of the impression the appearance of your commercial restroom makes. They may just have a “bad feeling” about doing business with you. In any case, you have to work harder to re-earn their confidence and keep their business.

What It Takes to Do Restroom Sanitation Right

Commercial restroom sanitation is more than cleaning. It is a process that requires using the right chemicals and procedures to actually reduce the microbial load on the high-touch surfaces in the restroom. Proper restroom sanitation also requires developing a checklist and schedule that maintains hygienic conditions.

You and your employees likely do not have the time or training to maintain sanitary restrooms. That’s what Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is for. We are the commercial cleaning experts! We have a team of trained janitorial technicians who know how to do the job right, and we customize service agreements to meet your unique needs and budget. Contact us to learn more about how we can make commercial restroom sanitation easy and cost-effective.