3 Important Office Cleaning Services to Help Survive the Winter

While New Mexico doesn’t experience the same kind of winter weather as other places, seasonal cleaning is still important for offices located here. Getting on a regular cleaning schedule keeps fixtures in your building looking their best, but it also keeps your staff and healthy and productive. Here are a few cleaning services to schedule soon.

 1.  Window Cleaning

Clean windows allow as much natural sunlight into your workplace as possible; it also make a good first impression on clients and business associates. In addition to cleaning your windows, be sure to have your drapery and/or blinds cleaned at the same time. Window treatments collect a lot of dust throughout the year, which decreases indoor air quality.

2.  Sanitization of Common Areas

Winter is prime time for colds and flu, so sanitization is a priority at all workplaces. Common areas, such as breakrooms and bathrooms, should be sanitized on a daily basis. This includes sinks, faucets, handles, paper towel dispensers, doorknobs, and all other high-touch areas. Work equipment should also be sanitized, including computer peripherals, printers, fax machines, phones, and other items.

3.  Floor/Carpet Cleaning

Your office flooring takes quite a beating. Along with ruining the appearance of your workplace, beat up floors can also contribute to trips and falls. Make sure bare floors are mopped and polished regularly, while carpeting must be deep cleaned to remove stains, allergens, and odors. Sweeping and vacuuming should also take place daily in heavily trafficked areas, such as waiting rooms and reception areas.

Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

No matter the time of year, Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is here to provide essential cleaning and sanitation services throughout New Mexico. We provide basic services like restroom sanitization, mopping, sweeping, waste removal, and general cleaning, along with add-on services like blind-cleaning, carpet care, and more.  Visit our website to learn more about office cleaning. You can also call 505-219-2685 or contact us for more information.