Why You Must Clean Your Server Room on a Regular Basis

Most businesses these days use computer equipment to provide customers and clients with the best service possible. Many also have on-site server rooms, which contain devices that store information regarding products, payments, and many other essential business matters.


Along with properly maintaining computer equipment, you must also keep the server room neat and clean. Doing so offers more than just aesthetic benefits, it can also keep you in the good graces of consumers.

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Server Room?

Computing equipment must remain a certain temperature or it’s at risk of serious damage. These devices often use blower fans to cool components and prevent overheating. When dust and debris accumulate on fan blades, they may be unable to perform their very important duty. That means equipment has a greater chance of overheating and your company faces the risk of data loss.

Data loss is damaging in multiple ways. It lowers productivity since you and your team will need to recreate data before moving forward. It also harms your reputation, as clients will feel less confident about your abilities after data loss has occurred. Some may even choose to move to your competitors, which significantly affects your bottom line.

How Should You Clean Your Server Room?

As important as server room cleaning is, it’s equally important to perform it correctly. Using the wrong cleansers or practices can also damage equipment, which highlights the importance of working with a knowledgeable cleaning crew.

For instance, cleaners must use anti-static products like microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions. Even a minimal amount of static can affect delicate computer equipment and potentially cause data loss. When it comes to vacuuming floors, a device with a HEPA filter is recommended. HEPA filters are capable of capturing even the tiniest particulate matter in the air, which prevents your computer equipment from being contaminated.

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