Tips to Ensure a Clean Work Environment This Winter

Cold and flu season can really take a toll on your staff. That’s why you must take the proper steps to keep your workplace environment clean and healthy this winter. In addition to having your office or business professionally cleaned, there are also steps you can take on a personal level. Here are just a few.

Encourage Handwashing

For such a simple task, handwashing is incredibly effective at reducing the transmission of germs. Place signs in employee restrooms to encourage staff to use best practices. Hands should be washed immediately after using the restroom and before eating or preparing foods. Staff must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and flowing water. All parts of the hands, including the backs, between the fingers, and under the fingernails, should be cleaned with soap.

Provide Antibacterial Wipes to Staff

Antibacterial wipes offer an additional layer of protection when combined with more thorough cleaning practices. There are lots of high-touch surfaces at work that can harbor germs. This includes phones, computer equipment, light switches, breakroom counters, faucet handles, and many other items. By providing staff with antibacterial wipes, they can sanitize equipment before and after using it.

Ask Sick Employees to Stay Home

While a solid work ethic is definitely a good thing, it can also cause problems if sick employees come into the workplace. Symptoms like coughing and sneezing will spread germs far and wide at your business, which can result in even more of your staff falling ill. Encourage workers to stay home when ill and perform work duties remotely.

Working with a professional cleaning company is also crucial this time of year. Since 1951, Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. has provided commercial cleaning services to businesses throughout Albuquerque. Our team will ensure your workplace is protected from viruses and bacteria thanks to our knowledge of disinfection. We’ll also go the extra mile to make your business look the best it can, which allows you to impress clients, colleagues, and customers.

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