4 Steps to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning services can make the difference between a facility that passes a health inspection or gets shut down, a business that invites customers or kills sales before they even walk through the door. At the same time, quality cleaning services cannot come at the expense of your business operations. In other words, they need to happen when it’s convenient for you and at a manageable cost.

Finding the best commercial cleaning company may take some work. But when you consider the results, a carefully considered choice will be worth the wait. So where do you begin?

Follow these steps to find the best commercial cleaning company for your property:

Step 1: Do Your Research

In the greater Albuquerque area alone, there are several choices for commercial cleaning companies—some national chains, and some, like Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. (MSSI), that are locally owned. You need to know what your options are before you can begin to determine which company will provide the cleaning and customer service you know you need.

Step 2: Narrow Your Options

Visit each company’s website to learn more about their cleaning capabilities and their company values. To help prevent you from getting lost in the marketing claims they make, look for proof that their services are really all they are made out to be.

Signs of a reputable commercial cleaning company include:

  • Longevity—a company that has been around, has established a good reputation in the community
  • Transparency—up-front explanation of their values, hiring practices, quality control checks, etc.
  • Accessibility—easy to contact and responsive

Of course, you will also want to make sure that they offer the type of cleaning services you need. A commercial cleaner that does not offer window cleaning when you have glass storefronts you want to keep spic-and-span, no matter how experienced and reliable, will not be your best choice.

Step 3: Check References

You never have to take a commercial cleaning company’s word for their quality, reliability, etc. You can get more reliable information from the businesses they serve, so ask for references and call those businesses to find out how the company really performs. If possible, talk to businesses with similar cleaning needs to your own so that you know how well (or not) the company actually handles the cleaning needs, and possible specialty cleaning such as BBP handling, green cleaning, etc.

Step 4: Get Cost Estimates

At this stage of the selection process, you should have around three commercial companies to choose between. These companies should provide the menu of services you need and assurances that they will deliver the quality and customer service they promise. So, all other things being equal, find out how much it will cost and get a quote for the services you need. Also, ask their sales or management team how much flexibility you have in customizing your services. For instance, can you:

  • Change the number of days cleaning services are provided should your business hours change?
  • Change the services provided at the facility if their tenants express different needs?
  • Opt for supply management services for a temporary period to see if they really can get better prices than you have been able to secure on your own and if the hassle of managing and ordering your own supplies isn’t worth it?

In addition to the actual bottom line cost, you need to find out your terms of service. For commercial facilities that experience evolving cleanliness standards (as might be expected in the medical industry, for instance), you will want to ensure you contract covers the necessary extra or specialty services that your facility may need.

Making Your Choice

When you take the time to carefully consider your options in the area, you will find that MSSI is your best choice for commercial cleaning services. We have a long history of customer satisfaction resulting from our fully customizable maintenance service agreements. If you haven’t already considered us for your commercial property cleaning, please contact us. We are happy to explore how we can improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your cleaning and general maintenance operations.