Chemical Safety Tips for Cleaning Service Employees

Maintaining a clean workplace typically requires professional service to ensure a sanitary environment. That’s why so many businesses rely on cleaning staff to keep their workplaces neat and orderly.

Working with professional cleaners also ensures optimum safety when handling cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are not usually harmful when used correctly but can lead to serious illness or injury when a person lacks the proper training. Here’s how a professional cleaning service ensures safety while working.

Training and Education

All staff must be properly trained in how to use cleaning chemicals and equipment. Training ensures janitorial professionals use best practices at all times, which guarantees safety as well as quality. Additionally, cleaners should occasionally be re-trained to ensure they remain up to date. Training can cover safe use of equipment, such as floor cleaners, while also providing insight into how cleaning chemicals must be used to avoid issues.

Safety Equipment

Cleaning professionals must also receive personal protective equipment to limit their exposure to toxic substances. Eyewear, gloves, overalls, and other items are crucial for cleaning crews to protect themselves when working. For example, goggles can protect the eyes against serious chemical splashes, while gloves limit skin irritation on the hands. A quality cleaning business will ensure its staff has everything they need to remain protected.

Knowledge of First Aid

Accidents may still happen, even when protective equipment is available. In this case, staff should also have the proper first aid training. Eye wash stations are integral in the event of a chemical splash, and quick action can potentially prevent a more serious injury from occurring. Staff should also know how to address chemical burns to limit exposure until medical attention can be sought.

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