Is It Time for Your Carpets to Get Deep Cleaned?

Chances are the carpets in your commercial facility are getting vacuumed regularly, whether by a professional cleaning company, in-house maintenance or helpful employees willing to take on tasks that fall outside their job descriptions. Daily or every-other-day vacuuming is important to maintain the appearance of your carpets, but if that’s all you’re doing for carpet care, it’s not enough. For a healthy working environment, you need deep carpet cleaning, and you may need it more often than you think.

Why You Need Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning removes dirt, pollen and other contaminants from deep within carpet fibers. By doing so, deep carpet cleaning prevents those particles from being loosened by foot traffic and kicked into the air where they diminish air quality, which research shows contributes to employee absenteeism and lost productivity.

Additionally, the improvement in the appearance of carpets that are regularly deep cleaned contributes to an attractive atmosphere that makes a better impression on your customers and boosts workplace morale (because people who work in an attractive environment feel better about their jobs and themselves).

How Often You Need Deep Carpet Cleaning

Now that you know you need deep carpet cleaning, the next question is “When?” If you cannot remember the last time your commercial facility had deep carpet cleaning done, then the answer is now. After that, deep carpet cleaning may be needed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. There are a number of factors to consider to determine the proper frequency, such as:

  • Are carpets on the ground floor? Carpets on the ground floor accumulate more dust and debris faster because they are where foot traffic bringing outside contaminants make first contact. As a result, ground floor carpets, especially those in entry ways and hallways need deep cleaning more frequently than carpets on upper floors or internal offices with moderated traffic.
  • Are carpets exposed to high humidity and/or moisture? Humidity and moisture create conditions right for mold and mildew growth. To prevent fungi growth, carpets need deep cleaning more frequently, possibly with products formulated to inhibit mold and mildew growth. Heat drying may also be advisable.
  • Are animals present and/or frequently treading on the carpet? Animal dander and fur are common allergens that should not be allowed to build up, so frequent deep carpet cleaning is recommended.
  • Has there been a recent outbreak of illness? In places like daycares and schools, especially, where kids are often sitting on carpeted surfaces, a recent outbreak of colds, flu or other illness may warrant off-schedule deep cleaning to minimize the risk of reinfection.

To be effective in creating and maintaining a hygienic and attractive atmosphere, deep carpet cleaning must be done with:

  • Products that do not leave undesirable odors or sticky residues
  • Equipment that adequately pulls dirt, debris and excess water out of the carpet

Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. provides the professional deep carpet cleaning you need. We offer certified green cleaning and adhere to EPA guidelines for indoor air quality improvement and management. We can customize a deep carpet cleaning schedule that ensures all carpeted surfaces get the care they need for optimal hygiene, air quality and longevity.

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