A Guide to Caring for Commercial Flooring

A clean and tidy business inspires confidence in clients, customers, and staff. Along with many other cleaning tasks, you must also ensure that your commercial flooring remains in good condition.

In addition to professional cleaning, there are other steps you can take for a healthier, happier business. Here are a few important aspects of commercial floor care.

Sweeping and Vacuuming

Sweeping and vacuuming removes dust and debris that can collect on floors throughout the day. This protects bare floors from developing scratches, while it stops contaminants from being absorbed into carpet fibers. The frequency typically depends on how busy your establishment is. In general, sweeping and vacuuming schedules range from once daily to once weekly, depending on your needs.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning a spill prevents water damage, as well as safeguards your flooring against stains. With water spills, use a clean, dry cloth to soak up any excess moisture. With other liquids or food spills, dab at the stain to remove excess. Don’t blot, or you could spread the stain around. Next, use the appropriate cleaner for the flooring material to remove any remnants. Stains and spills should be spot cleaned immediately for the best results.

Professional Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning removes tougher stains from flooring. It can also eliminate stains and odors from carpeting, so it’s an important step in your floor care routine. You should schedule professional service at least twice per year, but some businesses need it more often to deal with massive amounts of foot traffic. In this case, consider scheduling professional service once every three months or so.

No matter what type of flooring you have at your Albuquerque business, Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. is happy to help with care and upkeep. Our team has experience with all types of flooring systems, including carpeting, tile, vinyl, and many others. We also provide comprehensive janitorial services to a wide range of local businesses.

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