4 Reasons Your Business’ Bathrooms Have to Be Sparkling Clean

Bathrooms in office buildings or other commercial spaces are easy to be forgotten about…until you need them, of course. Although they may not be where you make your first impression on your customers, there are many reasons they still need to be spotless.

#1: To Improve Health and Hygiene

Bathrooms that are not sparkling clean are breeding grounds for all kinds of illness-causing microbes. Bathrooms in such a state can actually contribute to higher rates of employee illness and absenteeism that decrease overall productivity.

In order to reduce the bacterial (and viral and fungal) loads on surfaces you touch when using the restroom, cleaning must—without exception—include:

  • Use of products formulated to kill bacteria and other types of pathogens
  • Thorough wipe-downs of all high-touch surfaces, including:
    • Door knobs/pulls
    • Countertops
    • Faucets
    • Soap dispensers
    • Toilet paper dispensers
    • Toilet flush handles
    • Waste disposal containers
  • Removal of any standing water on floors and counters, no matter how shallow
  • Timely disposal of all waste materials

The level of cleaning required to maintain hygienic bathrooms also affords our maintenance team opportunities to notice and report any plumbing issues that can affect the cleanliness of your restrooms.

#2: To Continue Making a Good Impression on Your External Customers

Your clients subconsciously evaluate your business’ performance based on the state of your facilities. Companies that do not take pride in the appearance of their own commercial spaces may be judged as companies that do not or cannot satisfactorily tend to details on their clients’ projects.

If your commercial bathrooms are not spotless, they may the “dirty little secret” that’s costing you business.

#3: To Maintain Morale among Your Internal Customers

Savvy business leaders know they have two types of clients—external, paying clients and their employees. The impression commercial spaces make on your employees is no less important. Research shows that an aesthetically pleasing work environment contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity. Your restrooms are part of that work environment and must be maintained adequately to contribute to a morale-boosting atmosphere for your employees.

#4: To Prevent Expensive Maintenance and Property Value Loss

Keeping your bathrooms sparkling clean through routine maintenance is significantly more labor- and cost-efficient. Bathrooms that are neglected take more time and materials to restore to pristine conditions. And, in the meantime, those bathrooms may have suffered damage or enough cumulative wear and tear to require plumbing repairs and/or fixture replacements. Those types of property restorations are a lot more expensive than routine cleaning and plumbing troubleshooting.

If the bathrooms on your commercial property are not adequately maintained to provide a hygienic and attractive atmosphere, call the professionals who can get and keep them sparkling—Maintenance Service Systems, Inc. We offer customized cleaning agreements to provide your business with the quality, cost-effective commercial cleaning services you need.