How to Avoid Illness in the Office

Office staff all over the country often work long hours in close quarters, which can lead to the easy spread of illness throughout the workplace. Workplace illness is not only inconvenient, it can also cost companies a lot of money on lost productivity. Fortunately, there are many simple, common-sense approaches to prevent the spread of illness in the office, as illustrated here.

Encourage All Staff to Wash Their Hands

For such a seemingly small gesture, frequent hand washing has a significant impact on workplace illness. Staff should wash their hands after using the restroom facilities and before eating at a minimum. During cold and flu months, workers should wash their hands on a more frequent basis and be wary of touching their faces (which can cause the transfer of illness-causing germs from the hands to the mouth or nose).

When it comes to technique, hands should be washed with running water and soap for at least twenty seconds at a time. Make sure all areas of the hands, including between the fingers, are scrubbed while washing. Hand sanitizer should also be readily available to use between hand washing sessions.

Sanitize Computer & Phone Equipment

Numerous studies have shown that the most germ-laden equipment in offices are computer components (including mice and keyboards) and phones (both landlines and mobile devices). Accordingly, these areas should be disinfected regularly.

Common areas must also be disinfected. This includes all break rooms and office kitchens, which are likely to be used by many different people on a daily basis. Post signs reminding staff to clean up after themselves and take the proper precautions in any areas where food is consumed.

Tell Sick Employees to Stay Home

While the tenacity is admirable, sick workers who report for duty are actually doing a large disservice to their workplaces. When a person is symptomatic, his chance of spreading illness to others is much higher. This is particularly true when it comes to colds and flu, which often include sneezing and coughing as symptoms.

Management must emphasize to workers the importance of staying home when such symptoms emerge. When possible, staff should be asked to work from home, which keeps other employees safe without impacting deadlines or productivity.

Get a Yearly Flu Shot

It’s recommended that most people receive a yearly flu vaccine. Not only can it prevent illness, it can also prevent serious complications that accompany the flu. These complications can sometimes lead to hospitalization and greatly increase the recovery time for those who fall ill.

Getting the flu shot also protects the more vulnerable people in your office and your community in general. Older workers or those with compromised immune systems often experience the most serious effects when it comes to common illnesses.

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