4 Forgotten Areas When Office Cleaning

When your office is neat and orderly, you’ll make an amazing impression on clients and business associates. Clean offices are also crucial for staff productivity and satisfaction, so you must have a good strategy in place to ensure the best possible environment. Here are a few overlooked areas to include in your cleaning routine.

1. The Microwave

While breakroom refrigerators get a lot of attention when it comes to office cleaning, the microwave is often forgotten. Food spills can spoil the interior, while grease and grime build up can affect the outside of the device. Cleaning the office microwave once per month can make for a more pleasant environment. You can also encourage workers to clean up after themselves to limit kitchen messes.

2. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans collect a lot of dust, which impacts the appearance of your workspace. However, this dust will also fall onto desks and other surfaces when the fan is running, which can worsen allergy symptoms in susceptible people. A duster with a telescopic handle is perfect for spot-cleaning fans in between professional janitorial sessions. Some dusters are also designed to trap dust, which prevents it from falling into the office while cleaning.

3. Light Switches

Along with computer equipment, door handles, and sink faucets, light switches are a high-touch location in offices. These areas tend to harbor lots of germs, which can be a real issue during cold and flu season. Wiping them down once per day with a disinfecting wipe can have a huge impact on the health and wellness of your workplace. You can also encourage your staff to wash their hands on a regular basis.

4. Furniture

Upholstered furniture can harbor germs and other contaminants just like carpet fibers. Accordingly, upholstered pieces should also be cleaned regularly along with carpeting. Schedule professional cleaning at least once every six months for the best results. If your office generally gets a lot of visitors, consider scheduling service once every three months.

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